Why Choose Our Durian?

High Quality Durian Manufacturing & Packaging in Malaysia

Our frozen durian supplier and fresh durian wholesaler or frozen durian exporter can provide you with the best and high quality of all kinds of Malaysia’s durian supply. We are known as a great supplier for Malaysia fresh local durian supply. We can serve you with various kinds of durian supply such as Musang King durian, Mao Shan Wang durian or durian Raja Kunyit, D24 durian, D101 durian, D13 durian, D88 durian, durian Tek Kah and durian kampong. All of our Malaysia fresh durian is simply delicious and offer a wonderful taste that you will never forget. Our durians are among the high quality durian and we provide fresh durian delivery to you.

Reasonable Priced Durian Supply & Delivery in Malaysia

Moreover, the durians are picked fresh from our orchard and our professional staff will be able to serve you with only best condition of local types of durian supply. We also produce other kind of durian products made from our high quality Malaysia’s durian for any confectionary. We also make available high quality durian packaging for the durian export internationally. We provide vacuum packed frozen fresh durian, durian puree, durian paste and durian powder for easy export delivery. All of the durian products are made from its 100% original flesh. Every local durian supply provided by Our durian supplier and durian exporter is affordable and available at any time whenever there is supply. We believe that we will guarantee you a great satisfaction whenever you buy Malaysia durian supply from us.