Fresh Durian

Fresh & Delicious Durian Products Supply & Export from Malaysia

Our fresh durian supplier and fresh durian exporter offers various kind of fresh local durian supply according to the customer’s demand and request. We have many types of Malaysia fresh durian supply and other durian products such as fresh durian Musang King, fresh durian D24, fresh durian D101, fresh durian D13, fresh durian D88, fresh durian Tek Kah, fresh durian kampong, packaged durian, durian puree, durian powder and so forth. All of our products are among the high quality local fresh durian and the taste is amazing.

The fresh durian types and products we supply in Malaysia and export internationally are: - 

1.     Fresh Durian Musang King or Man San Wang Durian

2.     Fresh Durian D24 | Quality D24 Durian

3.     Fresh Durian D101 | Quality D101 Durian

4.     Fresh Durian D13 | Quality D13 Durian

5.     Fresh Durian D88 | Quality D88 Durian 

6.     Fresh Durian Kampong | Quality Kampung Durian

High Grade Fresh Durian Products for Supply & Export in Malaysia

Please feel free to contact our fresh durian supplier and fresh durian exporter in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia now for advice on our highest quality Fresh Musang King durian, Fresh D24 durian, Fresh D101 durian, Fresh D13 durian, Fresh D88 durian, Fresh kampong durian and packaged durian in Malaysia.