About Us

Fresh Durian Supply & Packaging in Malaysia

Our durian supplier and durian exporter in Malaysia is a great durian supplier for any kinds of Malaysia’s local durian products. We have been supplying local durian for many years and we have gained many customers demanding durian supply from us within Malaysia and also for the international market. All of our durian supplies are among the high grade Malaysia’s local durian and we offer various kinds of durians that are available during the durian season. In Malaysia, the peak season of our local durian supply is 365 days supply. Since the request is quite demanding year by year and changeable weather, it is depending on the supply produces by the tree.

Local Malaysia Durian for Sell in Malaysia & International Market

As the best Malaysia’s durian supplier, we are able to fulfill most of the demand because we have 60 acres of orchard full with durian supply. Most of our durians are fresh from our own orchard located in SS2, Selangor, Malaysia. Now, we are focusing in supplying and packaging of fresh local durian to be export for the international market. In fact, we also produce other kinds of products made from our local durian such as packaged durian, durian puree, seedless durian, durian powder and many more for local and export businesses. We always give 100% guarantee that our durian supply will be freshly delivered to the local customers and we offer fresh frozen local durian supply to be export internationally.